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Nobel knight and fearless warrior - is it the same person or two different categories? Let us explore this notion on the pages of Royal Rank website.
For example, do you know that in medieval history, the knight was an armed and mounted warrior belonging to the nobility? However, in modern time to be a knight all you need to do is to sing sweet songs, do drugs and be an American. Once you fulfill the above requirements, Queen of England will grant you a title of the knight or lady almost free of charge.

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What is a count? or a duke? or a baron?

 I know these are royal terms but how are they royal and how do you become them? What is their duty in the court? What's the difference between them? What are they?
King, Duke, Marquess, Earl/Count, Viscount, Baron, Baronet, Knight/Sir, Squire...

 These are not "royal " titles, there are the titles of "nobility" that arose in Europe in Middle Centures.

The title Duke, for instance, comes from the Latin term dux or leader/commander. The historical figure of King Arthur may been an early example of the change of the title dux or duke from military commander to territorial lord. " Indeed, he (Arthur) is called dux bellorum in the Historia Brittonum, which suggests a memory of late Roman military titles, and may indicate some sort of unified command arranged between several petty kingdoms." Sheppard Frere in "Britannia"

The title Count came from an administrative office of the early Frankish kings (Merovingian and Carolingian rulers of France,) The title outlasted the Frankish empire (Charlemagne) and the inheritors of the office became the "counts" of the middle ages. (The title of count merged with the Anglo-Saxon conception of Earl in England.)

Baron, the lowest title of nobility, derives from the old Frankish word "baro" which means freeman or man. Like these other titles of nobility as Europe settled into monarchies (in England after 1066,) baron changed from a title of a free warrior to a title of the tenants-in-chief (land owners) who held their lands directly from the king. Gradually, a distinction between the greater and lesser nobles emerged, so that a hierarchy of titles arose, first in France and Germany in the years 900-1000 and later in England. So that by the Beginning of the "high" middle ages ( c.1000) the ranks of nobility were established.

The title Chevalier is French lowest title for nobleman. It came from Frankish word "horseman", which basically means a freeman on a horse - a knight.

  • ТОЛЬКО ЦИФРЫ - Как плодится человечество За всю историю цивилизации на Земле успели пожить 100 миллиардов человек. Тысячный год до нашей эры — 100 миллионов человек (это население нынешней Нигерии). Начало нашей эры — 200 миллионов (сейчас примерно столько же людей живет в одной Индонезии). Скорость размножения — десять человек в час. Первое тысячелетие нашей эры — 300 миллионов. Середина XVII столетия — 500 миллионов человек (это около половины нынешней Индии). 1804 год — 1 миллиард. Скорость размножения резко увеличилась. 1927 год — 2 миллиарда. 1960 год — 3 миллиарда (демографический взрыв). 1974 год — 4 миллиарда человек. 1987 год — 5 миллиардов. 1999 год — 6 миллиардов. Июль 2010 года — 6,8 миллиарда. Скорость размножения: каждую секунду рождаются три землянина. 2050 год — 9 или 12 миллиардов. И каждый третий из них будет пенсионером.
    Posted Aug 8, 2010, 10:23 PM by Ed B
  • Big changes are coming in June 2010. Ждите больших изменений в июне 2010. 24.05.2010Атмосфера застыла. Совсем как замирают звуки и успокаивается ветер перед большой грозой. Буря, скоро грянет буря. Кризисная ситуация возникает в июне 2010 года. Понятное дело мы её переживем, как пережили и тысячи других в свое время. Но...Запасайтесь кто терпением, кто продуктами, спичками и солью, а кто и туалетной бумагой - каждому своё (suum cuique)!There is not a breath of fresh air in the atmosphere. Reminds you the moment just before a thunderstorm when everything is quiet and tranquil. Nature just waiting for big event to happen.And it is coming - big changes. Will we survive? For sure as we did millions time before, and as we'll do millions time after. However,...
    Posted May 25, 2010, 9:39 PM by Ed B
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