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Self-Evaluation Guide

Nursing Update: Module  - Nursing Systems

Clinical Experience 2 Self-Evaluation

Self-Evaluation Guide—Nursing Update Outcomes, Module F

Conditions: These outcomes are demonstrated most fully in Clinical Experience 2, in which you will carry out nursing practice for one client each day for a two-week period. Working with clients who vary in health problems, age, and gender, you will give care for half a day and then return home to make up a care plan based on your assessment.

Criteria: You are expected to function at a level appropriate to a conscientious student who is building on Modules A to F, the Program Manual, and a previous clinical experience that focusses on assessment. For example, you are now expected to assess the client in the course of giving half a day of care in a systematic way. You should be able to achieve all the listed outcomes with some assistance.


Self-check (/)

Self-score = 0,1,2,3

Objectives—Checklist                        Date:






F 1.1  Determine the self-care deficits (nursing diagnosis).

F 1.2 Design a nursing system (care plan) for clients, using approaches that integrate knowledge from the sciences, humanities, and nursing into the design.






Fl    Plan nursing care in view of the client's nursing diagnosis, relevant research, and knowledge of general methods of assisting.


F2a.l Implement the designed nursing system (care plan)

F2a.2 Perform in a competent manner the required psychomotor skills, (Use the Psychomotor Skills Checklist.)

F2a.3 Seek guidance and supervision as required in performance of nursing procedures.

F2a.4 Utilize organizational skills in managing total daily nursing care for a client.

F2a.5 Assess organizational skills in managing total daily nursing care for a client.

F2a.6 Develop and implement a plan for improvement of organization






F2a  Implement nursing care by performing the required psychomotor skills with expertise that includes guiding principles and specific knowledge.


F2b.l Use interviewing skills effectively when using the helping methods.

F2b.2 Demonstrate communication skills in establishing, maintaining, and terminating a helping relationship.

F2b.3 Demonstrate leadership in promoting clients' self-care capabilities.

F2b.4 Apply principles derived from change theory in helping individuals to modify lifestyles.






F2b  Implement nursing care by using knowledge of health education, change theory, and client populations to help clients to engage in self-care.


Self-Evaluation Guide—Nursing Update Outcomes, Module F (Cont.)           0,1,2,3

F 3.1  Evaluate the effectiveness of the nursing






F3  Evaluate nursing care to


system. (Use the criteria provided in






determine whether it has


"Evaluating a Nursing System,"






achieved the identified


Topic F3.1 in Module F.)





results and how it should

F 3.2 Modify the nursing system on the basis of






be modified.


own evaluation of its effectiveness.








F 4.1  Identify legal and ethical issues as they






F4 Demonstrate individual


occur in interactions with clients






responsibility and


F 4.2 Validate proposed care plans with clients.






accountability in


F 4.3  Identify and systematically research,






nursing practice.


topics, concepts, and skills as needed.








F 4.4 Formally evaluate achievement in relation








to outcomes at least twice a week.








F 5.1  Exchange information with other members






F 5 Demonstrate the ability


of the health care team in producing a






to work cooperatively


nursing system for individual clients.






when providing care as

F 5.2 Refer or recommend referral of clients to






a member of the health


the appropriate health care team members






care team.


in both institutions and other community
















F5.3  Monitor interaction with colleagues,








adapting communication techniques as
















F 5.4 Analyse how one's own perceptions and








values and those of colleagues affect








interactions when providing nursing care.








Total self-score out of 18:



Plans for Improvement


Create a plan on what exactly I will do during Clinical II week and what goals I have to achieve. Write it down and check/revise time to time.



Review with preceptor and learn by heart client’s assessment techniques and basic nursing activities in a ward



Do some research on usual nursing diagnosis associated with each self-care deficit and types of nursing systems.



Refresh my knowledge and practice with forms for wound assessment and treatment, especially for pressure ulcers and diabetic ulcers.



Learn more about the roles and responsibilities of each person in the ward, their cooperation and teamwork.


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