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Воинские подразделения

Типичное армейское подразделение являет собой военную структуру с единородной организацией предназначенное для выполнения специфичных военных задач, как то боевых, боевой поддержки или других.

Мы включили на этой странице в основном сухопутные воинские подразделения

 Отряд, Подразделение
 Количество солдат, сержантов и офицеров.
 Основные задачи,
 Краткое описание
 Состоит из:    
 Солдат 1 солдат Наименьший юнит - подразделение в армии. Предназначен для выполнения как независимых, так и групповых задач.

 2 солдата см. выше.

 Group 3-5 soldiers 
Smallest unit (fire-team) to perform military / combat tasks. Part of Squad

 Usually 3 soldiers and 1 corporal

 Squad or
 10-14 soldiers 
 3 groups + 1 soldier + 1 sergeant
 Senior corporal or
 Platoon 33-60 soldiers,
 1 officer or warrant-officer
 3-4 sections + 1 group +
 commanding officer
 Warrant Officer or
 Company 100-200 soldiers,
 2-3 warrant-officers,
 2-4 officers
 Smallest tactical unit to perform military/combat tasks 3-4 platoons (including 1 fire platoon) + 1 section + 1 headquarters group (not always) + commanding officer and his deputy (second-in-command) Captain

 Battalion 400-1000 soldiers,
 Could be a part of larger unit (regiment or brigade), or could be an independent entity
 3 line companies + 1 combat support company + 1 mixed artillery / weaponry company (battery) +
1 signal/support platoon + 1 headquarters squad + number of officers and warrant-officers (3-5) in headquarters + battalion commander and his deputy (second-in-command)

 Regiment 1,500-3,000 
 3-4 line battalions + 1 combat support battalion + 1 mixed artillery battalion (div) + 1 signal/support company + headquarters platoon + number of commanding officers in headquarters + Regiment commander with several deputies (second-in-command) Colonel

 Brigade 2,000-5,000   Brigade-General or
 Division 8,000-12,000   Major-General

 Corps 20,000-40,000 A composite military organization that includes different military types of combat forces (artillery, cavalry, heavy tanks, aviation, etc.) and support elements (hospitals, logistics, maintenance, etc.)

 Army 50,000-100,000  Includes aviation, tactical and strategic weapons
 Group of
 over 100,000
   General of the Army or
 Front /
 Block /
Task Force
 up to 1 million

 Army, /
 Protection of the country from external enemies. Includes all the Military Forces (army, navy, air force, strategic missile and space forces) of the country Royal Marshal

Example: fire-team in action.